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Woodworm treatment and removal

Woodworm treatment and removal experts

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What is Woodworm?

Woodworm is a term used for the destructive larvae of several species of beetle. 80% of the “Woodworm” damage in the UK is caused by the Common Furniture Beetle (Anobium Punctatum). With lesser amounts caused by:

  • the Death Watch Beetle (Xestobium Rufovilliosum),
  • Wood Boring Weevil (Pentarthrum Huttoni)
  • the Powder Post Beetle (Lyctoxylon Dentatum)
  • and in southern England the House Long Horn Beetle (Hylotrupes Bajulus)

The Life cycle of  the Common Furniture Beetle takes around 3 years. The adult insects do not feed, they chew their way out of the wood leaving the characteristic holes. The female lays her eggs into cracks in wood or inside old exit holes, if available. The eggs hatch after some three weeks, each producing a 1 mm long, creamy white, C-shaped larva. Which then eat their way into the timber.

The problems Woodworm cause

Woodworm larvae feed on the cellulose within the wood leaving a network of tunnels. These tunnels cause structural weakness in timbers.

How to identify Woodworm

The following signs are evidence of a Woodworm infestation:

  • Small round holes roughly 2mm in diameter
  • Fine dust around the holes
  • Crumbly, soft timbers
  • Beetles in or around the timber

How we treat Woodworm

To treat woodworm, infected timber is removed and the area treated with pesticide spray.

Areas covered for Woodworm treatment

Domestic Woodworm treatment and removal

We operate a domestic Wooodworm treatment and removal service in and around Huddersfield.

Commercial Woodworm treatment and removal

We operate a commercial service for business throughout Leeds, Bradford, Halifax, Holmfirth, Huddersfield and Wakefield.

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