Wasp nest removal

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These buzzing, winged insects with yellow and black striped bodies are a familiar sight across the UK. Unlike bees, their bodies have a waist and they are around 10-15mm long. One wasp nest may produce 30,000 wasps each year.

Wasp nests are most often found in lofts, cavity walls, garages, eves, porch canopies, and trees. Wasp Nest removal is a direct Pest Control specialty and it’s low cost and fast too.

The problems they cause:

A wasp sting can be very painful. Some people also have a violent allergic reaction to wasp stings, with several people dying each year as a result. Wasps are most likely to sting in August and September when the sweet food they prefer is available.

Wasp Nests – How we treat them:

For wasp nest removal we need to spray the wasp nests thoroughly with insecticide. They usually die off within 24 hours of this treatment, but it can be as soon as 20 minutes.

We can help to prevent wasps in commercial buildings by erecting window screens and installing electrical devices that attract, kill and catch wasps.

Areas covered for Wasps Nest Removal:

Wasp nest removal for West Yorkshire, covering Huddersfield, Wakefield, Holmfirth, Meltham, and surrounding towns and villages.

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