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The pigeon is the most serious bird pest associated with human habitations. We carry out more bird control, associated with pigeons, than any other bird.   They’re approximately 31 to 34cm long and usually a blue-grey colour, with two black bars across the wing and a purple-green gloss on the neck and upper breast. However, there can be many variations in colour.

Their natural diet is grains and seeds, but they’ve adapted well to city life and often rely on scraps left by the public.

The problems they cause:

Pigeons can be a serious nuisance. They’re capable of transmitting diseases, contaminating your food and damaging your buildings. When many gather together, they can be very noisy too.

Pigeons foul their roosting areas heavily. This is not only unsightly, smelly and may cause people to slip, it can also be destructive.

The acidic droppings erode stone and paintwork. Gutters and downpipes can become blocked, causing flooding. Large amounts of droppings can cause severe damage to, or even kill, trees. It’s particularly important to keep your external fire escapes free from pigeon foul so they can be used without risk of slipping.

Pigeon removal – How we treat them:

Anti-perch spikes protect against pigeons perching and roosting. These low-cost spikes are around 112mm long with blunted tips. They’re approved by the RSPB and are a humane way to control pigeons and other bird pests; they won’t hurt the birds, just prevent them from roosting there. We can attach them to your rooftops, fences, cameras, window ledges and anywhere else where you want to prevent birds landing.

Bird netting

We can install bird netting as a physical barrier to prevent birds from roosting on your property. Our team are fully qualified and well practiced at installing bird netting to any structure, including steel girders, concrete, stone, wood and much more. Zips can also be attached to netting allowing access to areas that may need servicing or maintenance. For a comprehensive quote you can contact our office and arrange an investigation/survey.

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