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There are two rat species in Britain; the brown rat and the black or ship rat. The brown rat is the biggest, often reaching around 23cm, not including the tail. It has a blunt muzzle, small, hair-covered ears and a tail that’s shorter than its body length. The black rat isn’t as plump and is slightly shorter. It has a pointed muzzle, large, almost hairless ears and a long, thin tail that’s longer than its body.

Brown rats are more common than black rats and stay near ground level. Black rats are more often found in seaport towns and are more agile, often entering buildings by the upper floors.

Both species breed rapidly. A female rat  may produce up to around 90 offspring each year.

The problems they cause:

Like mice, it’s a rat’s gnawing that causes most problems. Not only can this seriously damage woodwork and packaging, if they gnaw through electric cables it can cause fires and if they gnaw through pipes it can cause floods. Rats are also responsible for spreading diseases.

Pigeon removal – How we treat them:

Rat traps or rat poison are used, depending on how many rats are in your building. We’ll also prevent against re-infestation by carrying out work to the building’s exterior to prevent them re-entering.

Areas covered for Rat removal:

Rat removal Leeds, Bradford, Halifax, Holmfirth, Huddersfield, Wakefield

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