Mouse removal and mice control

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House mice, and sometimes long-tailed field mice, seek out the warmth and shelter of buildings for nesting and finding food. You can usually tell when mice have paid you a visit because they’ll leave dark coloured droppings or cause damage to food stores, packaging and woodwork.

They are good climbers and can squeeze through tiny gaps.

Mice reproduce extremely quickly; a pair may produce over 120 offspring in one year. Therefore, it’s important to control the problem quickly if you discover your property has mice.

The problems they cause:

As with all rodents, mice gnaw compulsively to keep their teeth at the right length. They can cause serious damage to your electric cables, water and gas pipes, packaging and woodwork. Electrical fires and floods are often attributed to mice. They contaminate far more food than they consume; the average mouse deposits 70 droppings in 24 hours and urinates frequently to mark its territory. They also carry many diseases, particularly ones which cause food poisoning.

Mouse removal – How we treat them:

Depending on the extent of the mouse infestation, we would use mouse traps or poison. We’ll also carry out work to the exterior of your building to prevent mice re-entering.

Areas covered for mouse removal:

West Yorkshire: Halifax, Holmfirth, Huddersfield and surrounding areas.

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