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Mole and rabbit removal

Mole and rabbit removal for West Yorkshire

We are specialist Mole and Rabbit removal experts

Our services cover Mole and Rabbit removal in Leeds, Huddersfield and all surrounding areas.

Burrowing mammals such as moles, rabbits, voles and shrews can cause a lot of damage by tunnelling underground and, in the case of some species, eating crops.

This can cause problems for the owners and users of everything from gardens to allotments, agricultural land, sports fields, golf courses, bowling greens, equestrian centres and more.

The problems they cause:

A heavy infestation of burrowing mammals can cause the ground to become unstable due to the tunnels they create. They may also cause surface holes to appear. Not only does this affect your land’s stability, it can create safety risks, make your land look unsightly and even render it unusable.

For farmers, these mammals can cause a lot of damage to crops and the machinery that tills the land. For equestrian centres, there’s a risk of horses collapsing the tunnels leading to severe leg sprains or breaks, and play can be affected on bowling greens, golf courses and sports fields. For people growing produce, it’s not only the tunnels that cause a problem – it’s the fact that rabbits and some of their furry friends eat the crops too.

Moles and Rabbits – How we treat them:

We use traps for mole removal and have lots of experience in doing this. Where necessary, we use gassing, but feel this is an approach best avoided where possible. For rabbit removal, the best approach is usually culling by shooting.

Areas covered for Mole removal and Rabbit removal:

Mole and rabbit removal Leeds, Bradford, Halifax, Holmfirth, Huddersfield, Wakefield

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