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Cockroach removal

Cockroach removal West Yorkshire

We are specialists in cockroach treatment

Our services cover cockroach control in Leeds, Huddersfield and all surrounding areas.

Cockroaches are commonly found in commercial buildings where food is being handled. They are also found in public buildings and homes, especially apartment blocks. They particularly like buildings with service ducts, plumbing and pipes.

Cockroaches can be introduced to your building, either as adults or eggs. They arrive via laundry, raw materials, crates, or packaging. Cockroaches may also enter via drains or rubbish chutes. 

One cockroach species prefers a warm, humid atmosphere, such as centrally-heated buildings. Others prefer cooler, less humid spaces such as basements.  Cockroaches are notoriously difficult to remove and the services of a professional pest controller should always be sought for rapid and effective cockroach control.

The problems they cause:

During the day, cockroaches hide in areas such as drains and sinks and behind cupboards or fridges. They then come out at night and feed on everything from food, hair and leather to wallpaper, faeces, soiled dressings and more.

They can:

  • Transmit diseases including food poisoning, dysentery, gastroenteritis, typhoid and poliomyelitis.
  • Cause allergic reactions, particularly for asthmatics.

Cockroach control – how we treat them:

First, we select a suitable insecticide for the type of cockroaches present. Often, insects and egg cases are well-hidden, so we need to place the insecticide around the infested areas during the full developmental period of that species, until all egg cases have hatched. To prevent re-infestation, it may be necessary to retreat the area regularly.

Areas covered for Cockroach removal/control:

Cockroach Removal for West Yorkshire Leeds, Bradford, Halifax, Holmfirth, Huddersfield, Wakefield.

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