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Bed bug removal

Bed bug removal

We are specialists in bed bug removal
As seen on the BBC television program Inside out with Lucy Hester

Our services cover removal in Huddersfield and all surrounding areas.

Bed bugs used to be associated with unhygienic conditions but this is no longer the case. They are becoming increasingly prevalent due to many more people travelling, and so unknowingly spreading bed bugs from country to country and from bed to bed.

An adult bed bug looks like a small brown disc around 4 mm long. They do not have wings but can crawl up most vertical surfaces.

The problems they cause:

Bed bugs live on human blood and will bite you to survive, causing severe rashes.

How we treat them:

Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to eradicate and need to be treated quickly by a fully trained professional. We use insecticide spray and dust to eradicate them. We also offer a monitoring service using bed bug monitoring stations. All adjoining rooms must also be treated so we will need to spray the rooms above, below and either side too.

Areas covered for bed bug removal:

West Yorkshire, Huddersfield, Holmfirth, Meltham and surrounding areas.

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